Supplier Diversity Program Policy Statement

ChildFirst Services, Inc. has a deep commitment to diversity. We recognize that an open, competitive atmosphere is beneficial to both suppliers and consumers, and it is our policy and practice to foster this type of environment. ChildFirst Services, Inc. does not discriminate and will make a good-faith effort to utilize disadvantaged-owned, minority-owned, woman-owned, and disabled-owned businesses throughout the procurement process. All efforts to contact and engage such suppliers will be fair and impartial. No preference will be given to any business group or classification. This Supplier Diversity Program has been created to ensure disadvantaged-owned, minority-owned, woman-owned, and disabled-owned businesses have the ability to fairly compete in the procurement process and to do business with ChildFirst Services, Inc.


Organization Information:

  • ChildFirst Services, Inc. spans seven (7) counties in Pennsylvania including Wayne County, Monroe County, Carbon County, Berks County, Northampton County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia.
  • ChildFirst Services, Inc. monitors their spending on a monthly basis and is documented in monthly financial reports.


Program’s Main Objectives:

  • Actively seeks to partner with diverse suppliers:
    – Through organizations that support these business categories.
    – Through the use of the City of Philadelphia Office of Equal Opportunity and the City of Philadelphia
  • Business Services website.
  • Communicate contract opportunities via the ChildFirst Services, Inc.’s website.
  • Track our efforts through ChildFirst Services, Inc.’s Accounts Payable Department.
  • Encourage ChildFirst Services, Inc. employees to utilize minority-owned, woman-owned, and disabled-owned businesses to expand and diversify ChildFirst Services, Inc.’s existing supplier base.
  • Use Philadelphia’s Business Database when searching out suppliers and small businesses to partner.
  • Train all employees that make purchases to support the ChildFirst Services, Inc.’s Diversity Supplier Program.
  • Inform and train new employees on the importance and participation in diversity and periodically re-train to ensure support and expansion of the ChildFirst Services, Inc.’s Diversity Program.